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Talent Experience

We develop software,

we develop talent.

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What is the SuriCoder Experience?

The SuriCoder Experience is a programme designed to boost each collaborator in a personalised manner, addressing their development needs and their personal professional growth objectives.

We understand that in the IT industry, staff turnover is a pain point for teams in small, medium, and large companies. This is partly due to it being a highly competitive sector.

That's why having standardized processes that adapt to each of our collaborators is the solution we designed to reduce turnover and provide an environment that is both nurturing and challenging, allowing each SuriCoder to reach their full potential.


We have the best benefits

Each of our SuriCoders enjoys a wide range of benefits that support their professional development while also promoting their personal well-being.


Extra Holiday


Rewards for Achievements



English Classes

Gym Discounts

Individual Training Plan

+ Extra perks at the office

Comprehensive Development of a SuriCoder

The experience of a collaborator is comprised of a performance evaluation, a development plan, and a training plan. We have standardized processes for a personalized experience.

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Development plan based on individual and organizational objectives. It's about strategic career planning. Planning is done and followed up thereafter.



Continuous training plan based on set objectives and strategic needs. Aligned with development and performance plans.



Performance evaluation based on Suris Code's own system, assessing both technical and soft skills of each of our collaborators.

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