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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System specifically designed for the bottling industry


Food & Beverages


Turnkey Project


Software Development


.NET Framework, WebForms, SQLServer, Azure DevOps


The Client is a leading bottling company with several distributed warehouses across the country. The company was facing significant challenges in managing its operations due to an outdated warehouse management system. The outdated system made it difficult to track products, control lot numbers, optimize picking and truck loads, and manage production and quality control effectively.


The Client needed to overcome significant challenges in its warehouse operations, which were complicated by an outdated management system. The solution was to implement a new WMS software that would address key issues such as product traceability and recall, lot control, optimized picking and truck loads, production control, and quality control. It was also essential for the company to ensure compliance with food and beverage regulations and internal policies.


The implementation of the new WMS software improved the Client's operations and increased its competitiveness in the industry. The software provided real-time data and accurate information, making it easier to track products, control lot numbers, and optimize picking and truck loads. The WMS provided a reliable and efficient solution to manage its warehouse operations, making it easier for the Client to ensure product quality and safety and meet the growing demands of its customers.

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