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MS Office integration with ERP systems solution

Streamlining Productivity: The MS Office and ERP Integration Solution




Turn Key Project


Integrations & Software Development


.NET, Win Forms, Entity Framework, SQLite, Azure DevOps


The Client is a mid-sized manufacturing firm that uses an ERP system to manage its daily operations. The ERP system tracks everything from purchasing raw materials to shipping finished products. However, the reports and outputs from the ERP system are not compatible with Microsoft Office, which is used by the majority of its employees. As a result, employees had to spend hours manually entering data from the ERP system into Microsoft Excel or Word, which was a time-consuming and error-prone process.


The Client recognized the need to integrate its ERP system with Microsoft Office to improve its employees' productivity and reduce the risk of errors. However, the company faced several challenges in achieving this goal. First, the ERP system was highly customized, which made it difficult to integrate with other systems. Second, the IT department had limited resources, which made it challenging to find the time and expertise to develop a custom integration solution. Finally, the company needed to ensure that the integration solution was secure and met its data privacy and compliance requirements.


The Client partnered with Suris Code, that specializes in integrating ERP systems with Microsoft Office. We developed a tool that automatically and transparently integrated the outputs of the ERP system with Microsoft Office. The tool was highly customizable, allowing the Client to tailor the integration to its specific needs. The integration solution was also secure and met the company's data privacy and compliance requirements.

After implementing the integration solution, the Client's employees saw a significant improvement in productivity. They no longer had to spend hours manually entering data from the ERP system into Microsoft Office. Instead, they could simply open the ERP system's reports and outputs in Excel or Word, and the data was automatically imported. This saved time and reduced the risk of errors. Overall, the integration solution helped the company to increase its efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of its data.

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