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eCommerce Solution for the Automotive Industry

E-commerce solution specializing in complex price management and sales target handling




Turnkey Project


Software Development


.NET Framework, WebForms, SQLServer, Azure DevOps


The Client is a leading manufacturer and distributor of auto parts, with a presence in over 20 countries and a distribution network spanning the globe. With more than 30 years in the industry, the company has forged a solid reputation for the quality of its products and services. However, with the digitization and globalization of the economy, the company faced the need to modernize its business model and enhance its online presence.


Facing the complex landscape of the modern automotive industry, the company encountered several significant challenges in their attempt to modernize, particularly in the areas of price updates, intelligent cross-selling, and sales target tracking:

Price Updates: The company handled an immense variety of products, each with different specifications and prices that fluctuated constantly according to market conditions and supplier policies. Manual price updating was error-prone and time-consuming.

Cross-Selling: The company wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to sell related products, but its current platform lacked the ability to analyze and offer these products intelligently.

Sales Target Tracking: Without a unified and real-time view of sales, it was difficult for the company's leaders to set, follow, and achieve realistic sales targets and measure the performance of their sales team.


After in-depth research and analysis, the company decided to implement a comprehensive and customized e-commerce solution. The results were remarkable:

Automation of Price Updates: Integration of an automatic price updating system allowed the company to keep prices up to date with accuracy and efficiency, reducing errors and freeing up valuable resources.

Successful Implementation of Cross-Selling: Through machine learning algorithms, the platform began to offer related products to customers intelligently, increasing sales and improving customer experience.

Real-Time Sales Dashboard: Creation of a real-time sales dashboard enabled company leaders to set and monitor sales targets, providing a clear view of performance and areas for improvement.

Increase in Sales and Customer Satisfaction: The new platform resulted in an increase in online sales and an improvement in customer satisfaction, according to post-purchase surveys.

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