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  • Jean Sammet: The Groundbreaking Pioneer of Programming Languages

    Jean Sammet, born on March 23, 1928, was a computer scientist and programmer who made significant contributions to the development of programming languages and computer science education. Her work had a profound impact on the world of computing, and her legacy continues to influence the field today. Sammet's interest in mathematics and programming began at a young age. She earned a degree in mathematics from Mount Holyoke College in 1948 and went on to study computer science at the University of Illinois. She received her PhD in mathematics from the university in 1968. Sammet's early work focused on the development of programming languages. She was one of the designers of the COBOL language, which was widely used in business and government applications in the 1960s and 1970s. She also worked on the development of the FORMAC language, which was used for symbolic manipulation and algebraic computation. Sammet was a pioneer in the field of computer science education. She developed a curriculum for teaching computer programming to beginners, and she was instrumental in establishing the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education. Her efforts helped to promote computer science education and increase the number of women in the field. Sammet was also an advocate for the preservation of computing history. She served as the president of the Charles Babbage Institute, a research center dedicated to the history of computing, and she was a co-founder of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Sammet's contributions to the field of computer science were recognized with numerous awards and honors. She was elected as a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery in 1974 and received the organization's Distinguished Service Award in 1985. In 2001, she was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame. Jean Sammet passed away on May 20, 2017, but her legacy lives on in the world of computing. Her work laid the foundation for the development of programming languages and computer science education, and her advocacy for the preservation of computing history has ensured that future generations will be able to appreciate the important role that computing has played in shaping our world.

  • Unlocking the full potential of remote work: Strategies for success

    In our daily lives, it is common for us to encounter remote or hybrid work opportunities that allow us to work from outside the office. At Suris Code Software Factory, we want to offer you some recommendations to keep in mind: Productivity In remote or hybrid work, it is important to demonstrate through actions and verbal communication that you are capable of working effectively and maintaining high levels of productivity. This involves having a work-focused mindset, establishing schedules and routines that allow you to maximize your work time while ensuring that you have enough time to rest and disconnect. Productivity also involves being able to manage your own workload and effectively prioritize to meet the objectives set by your company. Make sure your work is organized and planned effectively, so you can meet deadlines and deliver high-quality projects on time. It is also important to be proactive in seeking solutions and finding ways to optimize work to improve efficiency. This not only demonstrates your ability to work independently but also indicates your commitment to continuously improving your skills and results. Communication When working remotely or in a hybrid model, maintaining clear and effective communication with your colleagues and supervisors is essential. It is important to use available communication tools such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls to ensure that you are connected with your team and up to date with the latest updates. Effective communication also involves responding promptly to messages and proactively following up with your colleagues and supervisors to ensure that objectives and deadlines are being met. In addition, it is important to ensure that communication is clear and concise, avoiding misunderstandings or confusion that can cause problems at work. If you are unsure about something, do not hesitate to ask and clarify any doubts you may have. Another important aspect of communication in remote or hybrid work is the ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships and a collaborative work environment despite the physical distance. This involves maintaining a proactive and constructive attitude, being able to provide feedback effectively and receiving constructive criticism with an open mind. Technology and tools In remote or hybrid work, it is crucial to have access to the necessary technologies and tools to carry out your work effectively and efficiently. This includes hardware such as computers, mobile devices, and other specialized equipment, as well as specific work software and applications. It is important to ensure that you have a reliable and fast internet connection, which will allow you to connect to your company's tools and systems without interruptions or delays. It is also necessary to ensure that you have access to the collaboration and communication platforms used by your team, such as email, chats, and video conferencing tools. If something is missing to perform your work effectively, it is important to request the additional resources you may need. You can contact your company's technology or human resources department to request the additional equipment or tools you need. In addition, it is important to stay updated and trained in the use of the tools and technologies used by your company. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest updates and new technologies that may be relevant to your work, and look for training and professional development opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge. Responsibility Responsibility is a crucial aspect when it comes to remote or hybrid work. When working outside of the office, it's important to demonstrate that you're reliable and capable of effectively and efficiently meeting established objectives. It's important to establish a work schedule and consistently adhere to it. Make sure you're available to your coworkers and supervisors during agreed-upon work hours, and respond promptly to messages and emails. It's also essential to establish clear and measurable goals for your work and ensure that you meet them. This may include deadlines, deliverables, and performance metrics. If you're having difficulty meeting a goal or deadline, it's important to communicate it to your supervisors and coworkers to find solutions together. Another important aspect of responsibility is maintaining a high level of quality in your work. Make sure to follow best practices and quality standards established by your company, and review and correct your work before submitting it. Additionally, it's important to be proactive and take the initiative to solve problems and improve processes. If you see something that can be improved or something that isn't functioning correctly, communicate it to your coworkers and supervisors and work together to find solutions. Data Security and Confidentiality Data security and confidentiality are fundamental aspects in any type of work, but especially when working remotely or in a hybrid environment. It's important to demonstrate that you're capable of maintaining company data security and information confidentiality while working outside of the office. To ensure data security, it's important to use up-to-date and secure technologies and tools. Make sure to use a secure network and have a secure and unique password for your work accounts. Don't share your passwords with anyone and avoid using public Wi-Fi networks that may be vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, it's important to keep your devices and programs updated with the latest security patches and updates. It's also important to use security tools, such as antivirus software and firewalls, to protect your devices and data. As for information confidentiality, it's important to be aware of sensitive data and ensure it's not shared with unauthorized persons. This includes keeping confidential information in a secure and protected place, not sending confidential information through email or insecure messaging, and not sharing confidential information with people who are not authorized to access it. Furthermore, it's important to follow company security policies and procedures and receive the necessary training to maintain data security and information confidentiality. If you have any questions or concerns about data security or information confidentiality, communicate them to your supervisors and coworkers to find solutions together. In conclusion, both remote and in-person work are based on the trust of both parties, effective communication, and joint collaboration to achieve set objectives. At Suris Code Software Factory, we celebrate the values that accompany different work modalities, which empower all involved parties. Let's continue working together to achieve success!

  • Tuesday, October 11th is celebrated as Ada Lovelace Day (ALD)

    The Ada Lovelace Day (ALD) is an international celebration of women's achievements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Its goal is to raise the profile of women in STEM and, by doing so, create new role models that will encourage more young people to pursue STEM careers and support women who already do so. Founded in 2009 by Suw Charman-Anderson, it is now held every year on the second Tuesday of October, in which women dedicated to STEM give brief talks about their work or research in an informal theater-like setting. But who was Ada Lovelace after all? Born in 1815, Ada Lovelace collaborated with British inventor Charles Babbage on his general-purpose computer, the "Analytical Engine". In 1843, Lovelace published what we would now call a computer program to generate Bernoulli numbers (a sequence of rational numbers used in number theory). While Babbage had written program fragments before, Lovelace's was the most complete, elaborate, and the first to be published. More importantly, Lovelace was the first person to envision the creative potential of the "Analytical Engine". She explained how it could do much more than just calculate numbers, and could potentially create music and art, with the right programming and inputs. Her vision of the possibilities of computing was unmatched by any of her peers and went unnoticed for a century. As a recent tribute, the Cardano blockchain currency is named "ADA" in honor of Lovelace. At Suris Code, we join this international celebration and want to encourage more women to choose science and technology to empower their profession and unleash their creativity. That's why we invite women students with software development skills to learn about the benefits we can offer. Contact us at For more information:

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  • Assembly Management Platform

    Assembly Management Platform < Back Solución Avanzada de Producción y Ensamble para Fabricantes de Equipos Electrónicos. Industry: Manufacturing Service: Time & Material Expertise: Software Development Technologies: .NET, Razor, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps Background El Cliente es un fabricante líder de equipos electrónicos, incluyendo notebooks y tablets. Con la creciente demanda de sus productos, la compañía decidió establecer varias nuevas líneas de ensamble para cumplir con las necesidades de producción. Sin embargo, el sistema actual de gestión de producción, basado en archivos de Excel, ya no era suficiente para satisfacer las necesidades del negocio. Ese método era propenso a errores humanos y hacía difícil el seguimiento de la producción, la trazabilidad de piezas, la gestión de los materiales y el control de calidad de los productos. Challenges El Cliente necesitaba una solución que abordara los problemas que enfrentaba con el control de producción, el seguimiento de piezas, la gestión de materiales y la garantía de calidad. La empresa requería un software que brindara datos en tiempo real y seguimiento preciso, facilitando el control de la producción, la supervisión de defectos y la gestión de materiales. El software también necesitaba proporcionar un sistema centralizado para el control de calidad, lo que facilitaría el seguimiento de la producción e identificar áreas para mejorar. Results Previous case La implementación del nuevo software de gestión proporcionó al Cliente las herramientas que necesitaba para mejorar su sistema de gestión de la producción. La empresa pudo mejorar su seguimiento, el control de calidad y la gestión de materiales, lo que resultó en una toma de decisiones más informada, una producción mejorada y niveles más altos de satisfacción del cliente. El nuevo software fue un factor clave en el éxito de las nuevas líneas de ensamble de la empresa y ayudó a cumplir con las demandas del creciente mercado. Next case

  • Assembly Management Platform

    Assembly Management Platform < Back Advanced Production and Assembly Solution for Electronic Equipment Manufacturers. Industry: Manufacturing Service: Time & Material Expertise: Software Development Technologies: .NET, Razor, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps Background The Client is a leading manufacturer of electronic equipment including notebooks and tablets. With the increasing demand for their products, the company decided to set up several new assembly lines to keep up with the production demands. However, the current production management system, which relied on Excel files, was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the growing business. This way was prone to human error and made it difficult to keep track of production, parts tracking, material management, and quality assurance. Challenges The Client needed a solution that would address the issues it faced with production control, parts tracking, material management, and quality assurance. The company required a software that would provide real-time data and accurate tracking, making it easier to control production, monitor defects, and manage materials. The software also needed to provide a centralized system for quality assurance, making it easier to monitor production and identify areas for improvement. Results Previous case The implementation of the new assembly management software provided the Client with the tools it needed to improve its production management system. The company was able to improve its tracking, quality assurance, and material management, resulting in more informed decision-making, improved production, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. The new software was a key factor in the success of the company’s new assembly lines and helped it to continue to meet the demands of the growing market. Next case The time to create is now First Name Last Name Email Job Rol Phone Company Leave us a message... Send Thanks for submitting! Speak with one of our experts today to discover how we can assist you in scaling your development efforts or developing a custom software application.

  • Extended Warranty Management Platform

    Extended Warranty Management Platform < Back Comprehensive Extended Warranty Management Platform for the Insurance Industry. Industry: Insurance Service: Turnkey Project Expertise: Software Development Technologies: .NET, Razor, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps Background The Client is a leading insurance provider in the industry, offering a wide range of insurance products to its customers. However, the company was facing significant challenges with its extended warranty management processes due to the use of an outdated software. The software was slow, unreliable, and difficult to use, making it difficult to manage warranty claims efficiently and effectively. Challenges The Client was facing a significant challenge in managing its extended warranty business due to the use of an outdated software. The company required a solution that would support both its current and future business requirements for extended warranty management, while also being delivered within the required timeframe and cost constraints. The company needed a software that could provide real-time data, improve efficiency, increase accountability and transparency, and provide a seamless customer experience. The implementation of such a solution was critical for the Client to remain competitive in the industry and meet the growing demands of its customers. Results Previous case The implementation of this comprehensive extended warranty management software improved the Client's processes and increased its efficiency and competitiveness in the industry. The software provided a reliable and efficient solution to manage warranty claims, making it easier for the Client to provide superior customer service and maintain its position as a leading insurance provider in the industry. Next case The time to create is now First Name Last Name Email Job Rol Phone Company Leave us a message... Send Thanks for submitting! Speak with one of our experts today to discover how we can assist you in scaling your development efforts or developing a custom software application.

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