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Soft Skills Assesment Solution

Comprehensive Soft Skills Assesment Solution for the Talent Management Department


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.NET, React, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps


A large national company with a diverse workforce and a wide range of roles recognized the importance of soft skills in the workplace. However, they faced a challenge in accurately measuring and tracking the soft skills of their employees. They needed a tool that would allow them to assess their employees' soft skills, identify areas of improvement, and create development plans.

To address this challenge, they turned to Suris Code, to develop a soft skills assessment software that could provide valuable insights to managers and employees, as well as help the company track progress and make informed decisions.


One of the main challenges faced by the company was creating an assessment that would accurately measure soft skills. Soft skills are difficult to quantify, and subjective assessments can be influenced by factors such as bias or the evaluator's mood. Suris Code tackled this challenge by developing a comprehensive questionnaire that covered various aspects of soft skills. The questions were designed to be specific, measurable, and unbiased, with clear indicators for each response.

Another challenge was ensuring that the software was user-friendly and easy to use. Many employees may be hesitant to complete self-assessments, particularly if the process is complicated or time-consuming. Suris Code addressed this challenge by creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that made it easy for employees to complete their assessments quickly and efficiently.


The soft skills assessment software developed by Suris Code was a resounding success for the Client. The software provided valuable insights into the company's workforce, allowing managers to identify areas for improvement and develop targeted development plans. The software's intuitive interface and clear indicators made it easy for employees to complete their assessments, resulting in a high participation rate.

The company was also able to use the data generated by the software to make informed decisions about promotions and career development. By tracking soft skills over time, they could see which employees were making progress and where additional support was needed.

In addition, the centralized dashboards provided senior management with a clear view of the company's overall soft skills development. This allowed them to make strategic decisions about hiring, training, and organizational development, which ultimately led to a more skilled and effective workforce.

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