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Service Center Management Software

Efficient Solution for Territory-wide Service Center Management


Home Appliances Repair


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.NET, Razor, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps


Our Client, a leading home appliances repair service provider in the country, has been facing significant challenges in managing its outsourced service centers. The company relies on a vast network of service centers located throughout the country to repair appliances. However, it has been increasingly difficult for the company to keep track of all repairs, control labor, logistics, materials and spare parts costs, and provide timely updates to consumers about the status of their repairs. Additionally, calculating and managing settlements to service centers and processing corresponding payments has become a manual and time-consuming process, leading to delays and errors in payments.


The Client realized that it needed a reliable and efficient service management software to streamline its service center management processes. However, finding the right software solution was not easy. The company needed a software solution that could integrate with its existing systems and provide real-time updates on repairs and costs. Moreover, it needed a solution that could manage settlements to service centers accurately and process payments quickly.


The development and implementation of this service management software has significantly improved the Client' service center management processes. The software allows the company to track repairs, control labor, logistics, materials, and spare parts costs, and provide timely updates to consumers about the status of their repairs. The software also calculates and manages settlements to service centers accurately and processes corresponding payments quickly, eliminating delays and errors.

The Client has seen a significant improvement in its operational efficiency since the implementation of the service management software. The company can now manage its vast network of service centers efficiently, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues. The software has also helped the company to reduce manual errors, leading to cost savings and improved financial management. Overall, the solution has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for the Client, and the company is now better equipped to manage its service centers and provide top-quality service to its customers.

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