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Business Intelligence Tool for the Sales Department

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Tool for the Sales Department




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.NET, React, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps


The Client is a multinational organization that operates in various countries and has multiple sales teams spread out globally. Due to the increasing complexity of sales operations, the Client decided to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) software to analyze and track the performance of its sales teams. After careful consideration, they selected Suris Code as a software development partner to build a software that could help them monitor and measure sales performance at different levels, including vendor, product, and area levels. The software could also integrate with the company's ERP system, making it easier to collect and analyze sales data.


Before implementing the BI software, the Client faced several challenges in monitoring the sales performance of its teams. One of the major challenges was the inability to track sales data in a consolidated way. The sales data was often scattered across different systems and in different formats, making it difficult to consolidate and analyze. As a result, the company struggled to gain a clear view of the sales performance across different teams.

Another challenge was the lack of visibility into the sales trends and patterns. The sales team's performance varied across different geographies and channels, and the company did not have a centralized system to track these variations. This made it challenging to identify the best performing teams, understand the factors contributing to their success, and replicate their strategies across the organization.


After implementing the BI software, the Client was able to overcome these challenges and achieve several positive results. The BI software provided the company with real-time access to sales data, enabling the management team to monitor sales performance continuously. With a centralized view of sales data, the CLient could track sales trends and patterns, identify the best-performing sales teams, and gain insights into the factors contributing to their success.

The software's interactive dashboards and visualization tools made it easy for the management team to analyze sales data and identify areas of improvement. The company could easily track sales KPIs, such as revenue, profit margins, and market share, and take corrective actions to improve the teams' performance.

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