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Assembly Management Platform

Advanced Production and Assembly Solution for Electronic Equipment Manufacturers.




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Software Development


.NET, Razor, Entity Framework, SQLServer, Azure DevOps


The Client is a leading manufacturer of electronic equipment including notebooks and tablets. With the increasing demand for their products, the company decided to set up several new assembly lines to keep up with the production demands. However, the current production management system, which relied on Excel files, was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the growing business. This way was prone to human error and made it difficult to keep track of production, parts tracking, material management, and quality assurance.


The Client needed a solution that would address the issues it faced with production control, parts tracking, material management, and quality assurance. The company required a software that would provide real-time data and accurate tracking, making it easier to control production, monitor defects, and manage materials. The software also needed to provide a centralized system for quality assurance, making it easier to monitor production and identify areas for improvement.


The implementation of the new assembly management software provided the Client with the tools it needed to improve its production management system. The company was able to improve its tracking, quality assurance, and material management, resulting in more informed decision-making, improved production, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. The new software was a key factor in the success of the company’s new assembly lines and helped it to continue to meet the demands of the growing market.

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